Renewable credit redemption – what is it?

Revolving credit, also called revolving credit, is a reserve of money immediately available in case of need, preferably on time. This amount is replenished as and when your repayments are made and is renewed annually by tacit agreement.

Revolvig credit that accumulated for several reasons

Revolvig credit that accumulated for several reasons

This credit is not allocated to a specific object and this ease of purchase allows you to finance your small projects or to face an unexpected lack of savings. You have been forced to take out several revolving credits which have accumulated for different reasons.

Jobs, a decrease in income, a vehicle to change, a birth, whatever everyone may be faced with this kind of situation. The previously acceptable debt has become unbearable and jeopardizes your budget. The repurchase of credit of your revolving credits represents the ideal solution to find a financial serenity.

This will allow you to do away with all the revolving loans that you have contracted so far. You effectively group all or part of your loans into a single loan over a period adapted to your repayment capacity. You will then have only one monthly payment to reimburse and you will benefit from a single contact, which is much simpler.

Benefits of Redeeming a Revolving Loan

Benefits of Redeeming a Revolving Loan

You do not take care of anything, we take back all your consumer credits and we take care of all the administrative procedures with the lending companies where you contracted loans.

The purchase of a revolving loan reduces the debt ratio. You effectively lower the overall interest rate on all of your old credits and you thus find purchasing power to finance a new project. Your budget is easier to manage and your accounts are simplified so that you only have one monthly payment.

In addition, consolidating your current credits reduces your monthly expenses. This new monthly payment is recalculated according to your real financial capacity. You will find real comfort in life thanks to a reduction in your monthly payments which can vary from 30 to 60%.

Your credit can be amortized over a longer period, but it is truly a preferred solution to break a financial deadlock. Your debts are reorganized and your repayments are spread out over time.

Restructuring your credits also saves you from accumulating various costs such as bank charges on agios, etc. We can also offer you the possibility of granting yourself additional cash to be able to overcome unforeseen events without resorting to a new revolving credit whose rates are generally very high.

If you are in this situation and you no longer know how to deal with the accumulation of debts, do not hesitate any longer and request your revolving loan buy-back study on our site. Request your credit redemption by clicking here

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