Repurchase of mortgage credit – Consolidation of Loans

The repurchase of mortgage credit is the regrouping of many loans guaranteed by the mortgage of a real estate.

The repurchase of mortgage credit is the regrouping of many loans guaranteed by the mortgage of a real estate.

This maneuver is made exclusively for owners who do not want to put themselves in a situation of over-indebtedness.

This solution consists in restructuring the various loans into a single claim and whose monthly payment is reduced. The principle of repurchase of mortgage credit allows the person to repay the amount over a maximum duration of 25 years.

When a banking institution buys the different credits, it needs a guarantee which guarantees the reimbursement and in this case it is a real estate of the applicant. In principle, if the person does not pay the monthly payment, the bank can sell the mortgaged property and take what is due.

The owner may recover part of the sale amount. Unlike the purchase of consumer credit, this type of consolidation requires the service of a notary.

Benefits of Mortgage Redemption

Benefits of Mortgage Redemption

The aim of the banking establishment is to reorganize the various debts and to offer the person a better rate over an extended period. The fact of restructuring the credits makes it possible to touch on certain advantages. It is better to know that paying several monthly payments is difficult, and the interest rates are different.

The repurchase of mortgage loan makes it possible to pay only one monthly payment with the lowest rate. This solution allows the person to have a visibility on his debt and to follow it. Mortgage consolidation is the ideal solution for the owner of a property who wishes to renegotiate contracted loans and have a larger amount. The establishment which buys the different credits proposes a new condition for the owner of a property.

In this case, the applicant can subsequently contract a new project. Delivered from multiple debts, the person who puts his real estate in mortgage can take advantage of the money remaining at each end of the month. The qualities of this financial transaction then allow the person to upgrade to the budget of the home.

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